Don’t Miss These Charleston Pet Events

February 14, 2014 | Events, Things To Do

We love February in Charleston!  The next few weeks are brimming with really fun events.  You don’t want to miss these, so put them on your calendars today:

  • February 14-16 – Southeastern Wildlife Exposition. This is a huge deal in Charleston, so make sure to go! Check out the SEWE website for the events schedule, which includes DockDogs competitions, chef demo’s from some of the Lowcountry’s greatest chefs, a Jack Hanna show, and much more!
  • February 15 – Spread the Love Block Party. Join Willow Salon and lots of other vendors at the James Island Shopping Center from 10am – 2pm for free haircuts, food, fun and a little retail therapy. Donations are going to the American Heart Association, so go spread the love!
  • February 22 – Carolina Coonhound Rescue Oyster Roast – It’s oyster time! You can get tickets for $20 and more information here. This roast is held at the James Island County Park, so head over for oysters, wine, beer, and other yummy food. Dogs can tag along for this event!
  • March 1 – Pet Helpers Oyster Roast – Get your tickets now for the 13th Annual Oyster Roast! There’s a full day of events planned and then tons of delicious food. Plus you can bring your pup along for the fun!
  • Ongoing Events: Meetup Groups – check out Meetup to find people around Charleston gathering with their pups.  Here are some current groups and you can always start your own!

Curious Pets of the Month

February 12, 2014 | Curious Pet of the Month

Huck and BoMeet Huck and Bo

These two boys are overflowing with energy and personality – and they have huge hearts to match!  Huck (left) is lovey-dovey and will stick by your side to give you sneaky kisses, and Bo (right) loves any attention he can get!  They are both always ecstatic to meet new people and they’re big fans of back rubs.  As much as they enjoy people, they love each other even more.  They love to chase each other around their yard, wrestle, play tug-of-war, compete for tennis balls, and just wear one another out.  These pups really take care of each another – Bo even makes sure Huck’s ears are clean!  They may have lots of energy when you first meet them, but when they calm down, all they want is to give out kisses and get some pets!

Heart Healthy this Valentine’s Day

February 10, 2014 | Helpful Tips

Your dog is one of your best friends and it’s always important to remember that they rely on you to keep them healthy.  Since it’s almost Valentine’s Day, we’ll be cheesy and focus on their heart.  Check out these tips to keeping your Valentine’s heart healthy!

  1. Feed them a healthy diet. A good diet is essential for your pup’s heart health.  Take a look at the food you feed them and make sure it is made of high quality ingredients.
  2. Keep their body weight in check. Just because they have healthy food doesn’t mean that your dog has an ideal body weight.  Check with your vet to make sure your dog isn’t over or underfed – both can put a strain on your pups heart.
  3. Lots of exercise! Regular exercise is important for all dogs.  You can go on walks, hikes, swim (head to the James Island County Park for a blast!), or have them tag along on your runs.  They’ll have a blast and you’ll both stay in shape!  If your dog is older, check with your vet to see what kind of exercise they recommend for your sweetie.
  4. Visit your vet. Going to the vet annually (or more often if there is a health condition) will keep your pup in tip-top shape.

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