Puppy Care That Gives You Peace-of-Mind

It’s so hard to leave your new puppy at home, but we’re here to make sure they are loved and cared for when you can’t be there. We can visit for potty breaks to help them stick to their potty training schedule and ensure they are safe and happy!

Puppies who are younger than 6 months old are typically still mastering potty training. Your puppy should be able to hold it for as many hours as they are months old. For example, a 3 month old puppy can normally go 3 hours between potty breaks. Since puppies need trips outside every few hours, you can schedule as many visits as you need to make sure they stay comfortable and get consistent breaks during the day.

Our goal is to make sure your puppy is getting the potty breaks they need and that they have a great day even when you can’t be home. We’re here for your baby!

45 Minute Visit


per visit

Best for older puppies who have lots of energy to get out and love getting extra cuddles!

60 Minute Visit


per visit

Perfect for older puppies who love long walks, getting tons of belly rubs, and playing!

*Prices include up to 2 pets and are subject to change

Feel confident your puppy is getting the attention they deserve from our reliable, caring staff!

Frequently Asked Questions

Trusting someone with your pet and home is always a big step and we’re sure you have lots of questions. Check out a few that we get frequently – and if you have others, please don’t hesitate to ask! Call 843-580-2212 today and we’d be happy to chat.

Give us a call at 843-580-2212 or go ahead and sign up online! After you set up your account and book the services you need, we’ll do a quick, free Virtual Meet & Greet with you so we can get to know each other prior to the first service. We’ll talk through all of the most important details about your pet and home and you can show us around virtually. It’s the perfect way to address all of your questions and get to know us before your pet’s first visit!

Yes! Charleston Dog Walker is insured and bonded through Business Insurers of the Carolinas and licensed in Charleston, SC. Our top priority is to make sure your pets and home are safe and well cared for by our loving staff!

Our goal is to be available any time your pet needs care. To accomplish that, we work as a team, so you may not always have the same team member. We do try to stick with a primary team member for each client, but we have an amazing team who all provide fantastic care. We keep detailed records about your pets so you always get the best care, regardless of which of our team members provides your pet's visit. You can also always update your pet's information in your client account whenever there are changes.

If you use keys for entry to your home, you will need to have a lock box for our services. If you have a keypad entry, you will just need to provide us with a code. 

Why We Use Lock Boxes

A lock box makes our job a lot easier but it's also incredibly beneficial to you. Here's why:


        • Your house keys will always be on your property. No need to ever worry about where your house keys are!
        • You choose the lock box code and can change it any time to ensure security. 
        • If you ever need us or an emergency contact to visit with your pets in a pinch, they'll have immediate access to your home.
        • Never worry about locking yourself out of your house because you'll always have a spare key!

What You Need To Do


        • Purchase your lock box and have it set up at your home before your first service 
        • Test and place 2 keys inside the box. We always like to have a back up key in there just in case of any issues.

Lock Box Recommendations

There are lots of lock box options available and you are welcome to choose the one you prefer. Here are a few of our favorite options you can purchase on Amazon:


We'll email you your bill and then you can pay online through our secure system. We accept all major credit cards to make your life easy!

We try our best to always have availability, but sometimes we do fill up. It's always best to schedule your services with as much advance notice as possible to ensure we're available. You can also set up recurring services if you have consistent schedule needs. Just set up your service schedule once and then you're always guaranteed your spot!

If you need to schedule a service that will occur within less than 24 hours you can only do so by calling our office at 843-580-2212. If we have the availability to accommodate your request, there will be a Late Booking Fee added to your visit price.

Please notify us that you need to cancel services no later than 24 hours in advance of your visit. Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will be charged full price.

Holiday visits must be canceled 15 days prior to the start date of your services for a full refund.

To cancel a visit, login to your account and cancel your visit on your schedule. If the visit begins in less than 24 hours, you will need to call our office at 843-580-2212 to cancel.

We dig out our rain boots and a jacket! Rain or shine, crazy heat or frosty cold, we’re going to be there for your pets. They still need to pee and see a happy face, so we’re still going to come. On days that are extremely hot, we will shorten the walk portion of the visit to ensure your pet stays safe and we’ll spend the extra time playing indoors. If conditions are unsafe for travel (extreme flooding or hurricanes) we will notify you as early as possible that your scheduled visits may be delayed or canceled so that you can make other arrangements.