How It Works

How It Works

5 Easy Steps To Start Pet Care Services

  • Say Hello
    Give us a call at 843-580-2212 or go ahead and sign up online! We love to hear all about your pet and their pet care needs. This helps us make sure we are a good fit for each other!
  • Set Up Your Account & First Visit
    Fill out a profile for yourself and each of your pets. We ask for lots of details so we know all about your pet and can provide them with the best possible care. Then schedule your first visit!
  • Meet & Greet
    Before your first visit, we’ll come out to meet you and your pet. You can show us around your house so we know where all of your pet supplies are kept, along with stuff like cleaning supplies, and dog towels! We’ll talk through your pet’s normal routine and go over exactly what you’d like for us to do at each visit.
  • Schedule Your Visits
    Now that we’ve gotten to know each other, we’re ready for your pet’s visits! Anytime you need a visit, login to your account and submit your visit requests. We’ll send you a visit confirmation email once your services are scheduled. If you ever need to adjust or cancel your service, you can login to your account and make the changes online to notify us.
  • Feel Happy & Relieved!
    After each visit, we’ll send you an email journal to fill you in on all of the fun things we did with your pet! You’ll see pictures and we’ll include a detailed note that is time-stamped with the exact time we visited. You’ll know right away your pet is doing great and you’ll even get to see their cute smile!

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