Curious Pets of the Month

Huck and BoMeet Huck and Bo

These two boys are overflowing with energy and personality – and they have huge hearts to match!  Huck (left) is lovey-dovey and will stick by your side to give you sneaky kisses, and Bo (right) loves any attention he can get!  They are both always ecstatic to meet new people and they’re big fans of back rubs.  As much as they enjoy people, they love each other even more.  They love to chase each other around their yard, wrestle, play tug-of-war, compete for tennis balls, and just wear one another out.  These pups really take care of each another – Bo even makes sure Huck’s ears are clean!  They may have lots of energy when you first meet them, but when they calm down, all they want is to give out kisses and get some pets!