Top 4 Dog Parks In Charleston

Does your dog love running around and making friends at dog parks? Charleston is such a great city for dog parents because there are so many dog parks and dog-friendly places around town. When we first moved to Charleston, we were amazed at the number of dog parks! We couldn’t wait to check them all out and let our dogs run around like crazy nuts! We’ve tried all of the Charleston dog parks around town and love them each for different reasons. Here are our top 4 Charleston dog parks:

1. James Island County Park Dog Park:

The dog park at the James Island County Park is a huge grassy field that opens onto three sandy beaches and water. Dogs can swim and splash all they want! Check out our video tour of the park!

A great feature at this Charleston dog park is the dog water fountain and hoses to clean them off at the end. There is also a small-dog fenced area and a few picnic tables around the park. It can get quite hot for the humans in the summer, since there isn’t shade. Make sure to bring your bug spray if you’re heading there around dusk. Pro Tip: Don’t forget a beach towel if your dog is a swimmer or else your car might get a bit wet!

2. Hazel Parker Playground Dog Park:

If your dog does better in a smaller area, head to the Hazel Parker Playground dog park downtown by Rainbow Row. The park has a fenced, gravel area that you can go to any time of the day. If you wait until 5 pm, the fully-fenced grassy field is open for off-leash play, too. They have a dog water fountain and trees around the edges of the park. It’s also in the heart of downtown, so there’s typically a great breeze from the water and plenty of gorgeous Charleston sites within walking distance if you want to take a cool-down stroll. This is definitely a quintessential Charleston dog park. Pro Tip: Find street parking on the side of the park instead of parking in the parking lot. You are only allowed to park in the metered spaces in the lot. The rest are monitored very closely and you’re almost guaranteed to get a ticket.

3. Hampton Park Dog Park:

The Hampton Park Dog Park is one of the shadiest you’ll find around Charleston, which can be quite important in the summer heat (and the spring, fall and winter heat, too!). It’s smaller than the others, but still fully fenced and has a water spigot. Sadly the grass is usually a bit lacking at this park in the winter, but there’s plenty of room for games of chase and fetch. This park is very accessible, with a big (free) parking lot if you don’t live in walking distance. It also has some benches for you to relax on while your dog plays. Check out our video tour of the park to get a closer look!

4. Palmetto Islands County Park Dog Park:

If you’re in the Mount Pleasant area, check out the Palmetto Islands County Park dog park. Your dog will love the long fenced in grassy field where they can run like crazy! There’s a small-dog area at this park and a few picnic tables for the people to take a break at, too. This dog park lacks shade, but it’s perfect for your pup to get some energy and socializing. You also don’t want to miss the great trails throughout the park. After your dog plays, take them for a stroll around the scenic park. Make sure to take a walk over to Nature Island while you’re in the park – it’s our favorite walk! To access it, you’ll walk over a boardwalk to a super cool (literally) path through the trees with great marsh views.

Find Your Favorite Charleston Dog Park

We hope you and your dogs enjoy these Charleston dog parks as much as our crazy pups do! There are dog water fountains at all of them, but make sure to bring a portable bowl and an extra water bottle. This will help you keep your dog hydrated as they play. And most importantly – watch your dog the whole time to ensure they are playing nicely and having a safe, fun time.

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