How To Exercise With Your Dog

We’re already a few weeks deep into this quarantine and we’re willing to bet you and your dog are feeling a little lazy. Or maybe that’s just me, with my dogs silently judging me for spending way too much time on the couch. It’s time to get up and move!

Exercising with your dog each day is a great way to feel more energized during this quarantine. It’s not hard to get moving, even if it’s just in your house or yard. Here are a few easy ways you can exercise with your dog during quarantine.

1. Run a Stair Marathon!

If you have two levels in your house, the stairwell is the perfect place to get some exercise with your dog. Run up and down the stairs with your dog to get your adrenaline going. Or if you just want to get some energy out of your dog, you can sit at the bottom of the stairs and toss a toy or ball up to the top for them to retrieve. Just make sure you and your dog can handle the stairs safely. If the stairs are too slippery, it’s probably best to pick a different way to exercise. Take it slow at first and see how things go!

2. Play Tug-of-War

A fun way to exercise with your dog that they are sure to love is the classic game of tug-of-war. This dog-approved game takes a surprising amount of energy to play. If you have a determined dog, they’ll probably outlast you with their tugging. So give it your best shot and see how long you can stay in the game. Find your dog’s favorite rope or tug toy and let them give your arms and core a workout!

3. Run Line Drills (AKA Suicides)

If you have even a small private outdoor space, or a long hallway inside, you and your dog can exercise by running short line drills. Mark out as many points on your line as you can in your space, preferably about 10 – 20 feet apart. Even if you only have 20 feet total, you can just sprint back and forth, touching the ground when you get to each end. If you have a longer space, you can run your line drills like this video of me and my dog! Get your dog riled up a bit and then start your drills to see if they run with you!

4. Do Some Push-Ups!

Help your dog learn a new skill while you exercise together. Teaching your dog to do doggy push-ups is easy. Start with having them “sit”. Then have them “lay down”. Return them to a “sit” position and repeat. Once they do it well, try and speed it up or add “stand” to the mix to get them really moving! Make sure to reward them with very tiny training treats along the way to keep them motivated. Once your dog does their push-up routine, you can do some human push-ups!

5. Go for a Walk Around the Neighborhood

We can’t forget to include the classic way to exercise with your dog: going for a walk. Even if we can’t go too far right now, you can still take your dog out for a walk. If your normal route gets boring, you can make it a little more interesting by changing your walk up, even in little ways. Walk on the other side of the street than you usually do or if you normally walk a loop, walk it in the opposite direction. Just little changes can help keep things fresh for you and your dog.

Get Moving to Help Perk You Up

Adding a little exercise to you and your dog’s day will help keep you sane during this quarantine. We all need regular exercise to stay healthy and your dog will love anything you do together. It’s hard not to wish for days at the beach or the dog park, especially when the weather is spectacular. But we can make do with what we do have and still have fun exercising with our dog!

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