Essential Pet First Aid Kit Items To Save Your Pet

When you’re a pet parent it’s your goal to make sure your pet lives a long, healthy, and happy life! One way to ensure that happens is to always be prepared in case of an emergency for your pet such as a sudden illness, injury, or even an accident. You can prevent your pet’s death by being prepared and gathering a first aid kit with helpful essentials.

The Essentials For Your First Aid Kit

To put together your own pet first aid kit, we recommend you gather the following items. Keep them all together in a bag or case so they’re easily accessible if an emergency situation happens. Here’s what you’ll want in your pet first aid kit to make sure you can help your pet:

  1. Antiseptic Wipes, Powder, or Spray: This will help any clean a wound and prevent any infections from germs.
  1. Antibiotic Ointment: Helps with preventing any possible infections.
  1. Hydrogen Peroxide: Use hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting. Contact your vet or poison control line first to ensure that you need to make your pet vomit. After inducing vomiting, immediately seek medical attention.
  1. Syringe: Use a syringe to clean or flush any possible wounds. It can also assist with administering a liquid into your pet’s mouth.
  1. Scissors with a blunt end: These will help with cutting any needed materials to wrap a wound. Use scissors with a blunt edge to help prevent accidentally cutting your pet.
  1. Tweezers: You will need a pair of tweezers to help assist with removing a tick or splinter. If you find either on your pet you’ll want to remove it immediately!
  1. Gauze: Use gauze for things such as wrapping any wounds or muzzling a pet. Always remember not to muzzle a dog who is choking, coughing, vomiting, or having any abnormal breathing patterns.
  1. Vet Wrap/Adhesive Tape: Use this, not human adhesive tape, so you don’t pull the hair off your pet. Your local pet supply store will carry pet-specific adhesive tape.
  1. Sterile Eye Wash: You’ll want this handy if your dog gets something in their eye that you need to be flush out.
  1. Nonstick Bandages, Towels, or Cloth: Use bandages or towels to protect any wounds and to control any possible bleeding.
  1. Disposable Gloves: Please use gloves to help stop the spread of infections between you, your pet, and others!
  1. Bottled Water: Having bottled water is useful in helping to prevent dehydration or cleaning wounds.
  1. Diagram of how to perform CPR on your dog: Print out a diagram, such as this one, on how to give your pet CPR and keep this in your kit. It will help you provide CPR to your pet if necessary!
  1. ASPCA Poison Control Number (888) 426-4435: Call the ASPCA Poison Control Center immediately if your pet may have ingested or come in contact with any type of poison. There are many poisonous plants frequently found in Charleston gardens and yards. You can call for any animal poison-related emergency, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  1. Vet Contact Information: If you have an emergency with your pet you will always want to contact your veterinarian. It’s important to have their phone number easily accessible. In Charleston, there are a few 24 Hour Emergency Care Veterinarians. Plan ahead to find the closest one in case an emergency happens after normal vet hours or on a weekend.

Customize Your Kit To Your Pet

Aside from the essential pet first aid kit items above, also include items that are specific to your individual pet. If your pet requires medication or if they are on a special diet, those are other great items to keep extras of in your kit or in your home. It’s always better to have extra medicine or food and not use it than to not have it when you really need it. Be proactive for your dog and ensure you are always ready if an emergency happens!

Where To Buy Your Pet First Aid Kit Items

You can buy all of the essential pet first aid kit items in most grocery stores or household stores like Walmart or Target. You can often find dog-friendly brands or pet-specific versions of some of these items in larger pet retail stores, such as Petco or Petsmart. If you’d prefer to buy a pre-assembled pet first aid kit, you can also purchase those online from Amazon or Chewy.

Prepare For A Pet Emergency

Every dog owner knows that dogs are mischievous in their own ways and they absolutely love to get into things! You can prepare to handle any pet emergency that may come up by having your pet first aid kit on hand. Remember that first aid care is not a substitute for veterinary care, but your kit may help you save your pet’s life until you are able to get them to a veterinarian for treatment.

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