Protect Your Dog’s Eyes With Dog Sunglasses

Source: CNBC. Doggles founder Roni Di Lullo with her mini Aussie, Ed.

Did you know that we live in a world where dogs wear sunglasses? How awesome is that?! My husband was recently watching the show “Million Dollar Genius” and the company they were featuring caught my eye. It was showcasing Doggles – goggles customized for dogs to protect them from UV light, wind, and foreign objects.

The founder, Roni Di Lullo said that she “originally came up with the idea from my border collie, Midknight”. After a long day at work, she and Midknight would go play Frisbee in the park in the late afternoon. Di Lullo would wear sunglasses to protect her eyes from the brightness of the setting sun. “There was one day in particular where (Midknight) missed the Frisbee, and he never, never missed the Frisbee,” she said, “so I just thought, ‘Well, why can’t he just wear sunglasses, too?'” The idea of Doggles was born!

My gut instinct was that goggles for a dog was kind of frivolous, but the more I thought about it, I realized how helpful a product like this could be for dogs. Living in areas like Charleston where the sun can be very intense, you quickly understand how important it is to protect your pets from the dangers of the sun. Doggles are a great product for an active dog who spends time outside, or a dog recovering from eye surgery. They are also good protection for the pooch who loves to feel the wind on his face riding in the car. Check out Doggles for all of your dog’s sunny day needs!