October Curious Pets of the Month: Maggie, Daisy, Butter and Jojo

Oct 2014 Pets of the Month Meet Maggie (right), Daisy (top left), Butter (middle left) and Jojo (bottom left)!  These ladies and gents are sweet as pie and are always a joy to visit.  Maggie may be one of Curious Paws’ biggest clients, but she’s as mellow and loving as can be.  this smart girl will do about anything for a treat and will love you forever if you spend time giving her some quality petting.  Daisy always makes sure you spend time with her, too – otherwise be prepared for a head butt! She is a kitty who needs her lovin!  Butter is a fan of warm, sunny afternoons and long naps.  He’s always ready for some head scratches, too.  Jojo is the most elusive of the bunch.  She’s quite shy, but keeps Daisy good company.  This bunch loves to take it easy and will never protest against a day full of relaxation and love!