How To Take Amazing Pictures of Your Dog

BetterPhotos_hdI’m obsessed with taking pictures of my (adorable) dog.  Sadly, I’m not the best photographer.  If you can relate, I’ve dug up a great list of tips on how to take way better photos of your pup.  Here are the top tips, but read the full article here to get all of the great bits of advice.

  1. Follow the light.  Usually this means your dog should be facing a window.
  2. Models like to eat. Especially when your model is a dog! Use high reward treats and reward positive behavior like sitting still.
  3. Make some noise. Don’t you love that little head tilt? Make a funny sound to try and get your pup’s attention, but use this trick sparingly or it will get old.
  4. Shoot fast and furious. The beauty of digital – take a million pictures and you are bound to get one that’s in focus. Make sure to use a real camera so you can shoot quickly.
  5. Change your view. Lay on the ground and look up at your dog, or switch up the perspective to get a more creative shot.
  6. Use props.  If you are looking for an extra cute photo, use some big sunglasses, or tie a balloon to your dog’s collar.
  7. Pick a meaningful spot. Capture a moment in your dog’s favorite chair, or at her favorite park. This will help your dog be relaxed and you’ll have a great memory of that special spot!
  8. Get up close and personal. Don’t forget to do the detail shots! Shoot up close photos of your pup’s nose or paw – all of the little details that make up your best buddy.
  9. Stage your shot.  De-clutter the background and straighten things up.  You can even bring in props like colorful pillows, a sheepskin rug or fresh flowers to create a stylish and finished looking shot.
  10. It’s peanut butter time! If all else fails, peanut butter always results in some funny pictures. Just make sure to ration the amount so your pup doesn’t end up with a belly ache!

Hopefully this tips will do the trick and you’ll have tons of new photos to hang on your walls!