The Best Part of Coming Home

Dog at WindowMy favorite part of each day is when I get to come home.  It is such a wonderful thing to open my door to a big smile, a wagging tail and so much love!

It’s also great to know that I can make my pup feel just as loved as he makes me feel!  Research has shown that if you touch and talk to your dog during those first few moments of returning to them that they experience a very positive emotional surge for a while after you arrive.  If you only speak to them and don’t touch them, the feeling doesn’t last as long and they still have high levels of stress caused from you being away.

Some pups do go a bit crazy when people come home, and it’s good to keep that craziness in check, too.  Try keeping some treats right by the door so you can concentrate their energy.  Make your dog sit before they get the treat and the greeting from you.

If you’re having a bad day (or even a good one), it will always get better when you open the door to that happy face.  Remember to always show them that love right back!