Curious Pets of the Month

20131229_130251 (Medium)Meet Lucy, Pugsy and Chopper

They are an adorable family of rescue pups who are bursting with love. Pugsy (center) is a sweet girl who loves to relax each day.  She may be getting older, but she’s still a cutie and will do anything for a delicious treat.  Lucy (left) is the snuggler who is a sucker for back and head rubs.  She is an inspiring gal, who despite losing her eyes, is still ready to run and play with the best of them!  She’s excellent at following directions and loves to cozy up with her favorite people.  Chopper (right) is the newest addition to the family and he has tons of affection to give out.  He loves squeaky toys and always has a huge smile and sweet look in his eyes.  This guy is ready to play and give you tons of kisses!  These three are such a fun family and they are so fun to be around!