What Are Your New Years Resolutions For Your Furry Pals?

holiday-new-yearsSo let’s be honest… sometimes resolutions are hard to stick to.  While you may have already skipped going to the gym a few times by now, or are realizing that giving up sweets is just crazy, here’s a few awesome resolution ideas that are easy to do and will make your furry pals super happy!

  1. Go for more walks! Most dogs need at least 2 good walks each day to get the amount of exercise they need to keep them healthy.  The benefit of this resolution is it keeps you healthy, too!
  2. Eat healthier treats. Just like you, dogs and cats need to eat healthy stuff.  Look for treats that are made from fruits and veggies, or check out the recipes below and make your own!
  3. Clean their teeth. Did you know your dog’s teeth should be brushed a few times every week – some vets even recommend daily brushing.  Keep those chompers pretty (and less smelly) by picking up some dog tooth paste from PetCo, PetSmart or another pet specialty store.
  4. Clean their ears.  Keep an eye on the inside of your dogs ears to make sure you don’t see dark blotches or buildup.  A dog’s ears can accumulate dirt, parasites, bacteria and yeast, so make sure to pick up some ear cleanser from your vet and wipe out their ears regularly with a cotton ball.
  5. Learn new tricks! Every dog can learn a new trick or two, so pick a trick your pup has yet to master and tackle it this year. This is a great chance for you to stimulate their brain and for them to earn some tasty (and healthy) treats!