Scared of Thunder?

Charleston summers are filled with thunderstorms – and if your dog is anything like mine, thunder equals a very scared pup.  We’ve tried lots of things… treats, cuddles, playing, bones, a thunder shirt… thunderand nothing was doing the trick.  Before I even heard the slightest rumble from the horizon, Indy knew it was coming and would come let me know with a scared whine.  Then he would disappear into our closet for the next few hours and whimper.  It made me so sad, especially since I just couldn’t figure out how to soothe him.  Our vet mentioned that Benadryl might help, but I wasn’t ready to resort to drugs just yet.

With the 4th of July just a few days away – and knowing my husband would be enjoying some cool fireworks in our yard – I read up online to see if I could find a way to help Indy before the big day.  I stumbled across a few things that said to try playing some soothing music for scared pets and decided to give it a shot.

I checked Youtube and found this video.  As soon as the next thunderstorm rolled in and Indy retreated to his “safe spot” in the closet, I pulled it up on the laptop and turned up the volume as loud as it would go to try and drown out the thunder.  I gave it like 30 minutes and went back to check on him.  Normally he would have been whining and pacing, but this time he was asleep!  It was amazing!

I tried not to get my hopes up… but it has continued to work.  For the 4th of July we set up the music a few spots around the house and Indy seemed to handle the evening pretty well.  I’m sure this won’t be a solution for every dog, but if you’re still trying to find a way to soothe your pet, I highly recommend you give it a try!