Beach Days

imagesI don’t know how this happened, but it’s nearly May!  That means there are only 6 short days left to take your awesome pooch to Folly beach any time of the day.  Starting on May 1, dogs are only allowed on the beach before 10 am or after 6 pm.  Even though the hours may seem a bit restricting, it’s actually to keep your dog as safe as possible.  Charleston gets crazy hot – and extreme heat can be very dangerous for dogs.  Here are some helpful tips from the American Kennel Club to keep in mind when you do venture to the beach with your pup:

  • Make sure your dog has a shady spot to rest in and plenty of fresh water.
  • Dogs, especially those with short hair, white fur, and pink skin, can sunburn. Limit your dog’s exposure during the day and apply sunblock to his ears and nose 30 minutes before going outside.
  • Check with a lifeguard for daily water conditions. Dogs are easy targets for sea lice and jellyfish.
  • Running on the sand is strenuous exercise. A dog that is out of shape can easily pull a tendon or ligament, so keep a check on your dog’s activity.
  • Do not let your dog drink seawater; the salt will make him sick.
  • Salt and other minerals in ocean water can damage your dog’s coat, so rinse him off at the end of the day.

Hope you enjoy the last few days of April and have fun at the beach!