Is Your Dog Stressed?

I’m loving Lowcountry Dog Magazine – it’s always filled with great articles, good tips, and fun upcoming events.  Every time I check out an article, I get sucked in and end up reading the whole thing.  The latest issue is worth the read  – check it out here: http://lowcountrydog.com/issue/februarymarch-2013

My favorite article was “Frazzled Fido” that starts on page 8.  After just going through a big house move with our dog, I was definitely worried about his stress levels.  He seems to be handling it well, though, and is enjoying lots of new perks – like more windows to look out, more sunny sleeping spots, and lots of backyard grass to roll around in.  If you are worried about your dog’s stress levels, this is a neat read that provides some good tips on how to help them out.