Contact-Free Dog Walking

Keeping You And Your Dog Safe Is Our Priority

Working from home can be stressful – especially when your dog gives you sad eyes all day because you aren’t giving them your full attention. We’ve introduced Contact-Free Dog Walks to help make your work day a little easier and keep you safe.

We’ll take your dog out for a fun walk so they can get some fresh air and exercise while you stay focused on your work. Don’t feel guilty anymore – we can help make sure your dog gets the attention and love they need!

Our Contact-Free Dog Walks are easy and safe for you. Here’s how they work:

How Contact-Free Dog Walking Works

  • We’ll have our mask on when we arrive at your door.
  • Then we’ll ring the doorbell to let you know we’ve arrived for your visit.
  • Put on your mask
  • Then put your dog’s harness and leash on inside your house.
  • Open your door just enough to let your dog out the door.
  • We’ll clip our leash on your dog and unclip your leash.
  • Then you’ll close your door and we’ll be on our way for a fun walk!
  • When we return we’ll open your door and let your dog back inside.

These steps allow us to provide you with a safe, contact-free dog walking visit and it maximizes your dog’s time outside for lots of exercise and fun!

If you’d prefer no interruptions to your day and have a fenced-in yard that is accessible to us, you can also get your dog suited up and put them outside right before we arrive so we can pick them up from the yard. Just let us know your preference and we’ll make it work.

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Google Reviews - 5.0 and 76 reviews
Google Reviews - 5.0 and 76 reviews