5 Best Dog-Friendly Charleston Restaurants

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5 Best Dog-Friendly Charleston Restaurants

5 Best Dog-Friendly Charleston Restaurants

One of the best things about living in Charleston, South Carolina is the number of amazing dog-friendly restaurants in the area. Dogs are just like a family member and that means lots of Charlestonians love to take their pups along to the places they love to eat! Here are some of our favorite places, out of so many dog-friendly Charleston restaurants in the area, that my family and I take our dogs to. If you haven’t been to these amazing restaurants, we highly recommend that you try out every single one of them! Dining out with your four-legged family member is a wonderful way to spend time with your dog and enjoy the amazing Charleston weather.

Taco Boy in downtown Charleston is the perfect place for you to relax with your pup with a delicious drink!

1. Taco Boy

Taco Boy has two locations, Folly Beach, South Carolina and in downtown Charleston on Huger Street. They both welcome dogs, and the downtown location has a bigger outside seating area. Taco Boy even has fans for you and your dogs to help brave the hot summer days. Always ask for fresh water for your dog so they won’t catch any germs.

2. Lost Dog Cafe

Lost Dog Café is located on Folly Beach, South Carolina. The food is a delicious breakfast and lunch spot, and the most importing thing is it’s pet-friendly. When you bring your fur family members along you can enjoy the outside seating.


Enjoy the dog-friendly patio at Fuel in downtown Charleston.

3. Fuel

Fuel is located in downtown Charleston. If you love fish tacos just as much as I do, you’ll adore Fuel. Fuel is one of our favorite restaurants because they have an amazing outside seating area.


4. Home Team BBQ

Home Team BBQ has three locations: downtown Charleston, West Ashley, and Sullivan’s Island. Their BBQ is absolutely amazing! We also highly recommend getting their award-winning Mac and Cheese!


Enjoy the sound of the water with a cold drink and your favorite dog at Reds Ice House!


5. Red’s Ice House

Red’s Ice House is located on Shem Creek and they have a second location in the Bohicket Marina near Seabrook and Kiawah. They are both dog-friendly with great outdoor seating. They have delicious burgers if you are super hungry and want something filling. Red’s Ice House also hosts fun dog-friendly events all throughout the year, so check out their Facebook page for all the latest events!

Try All Of The Dog-Friendly Restaurants

These are some of our favorite dog-friendly Charleston restaurants out of tons in the area to take our fur babies to and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do! We know your pup will enjoy getting out for some socialization time and that you’ll have a blast at these delicious dog-friendly Charleston restaurants!



Charleston Dog WalkerCharleston Dog Walker provides professional dog walking and pet sitting in your home that is customized to your pet’s needs. We’re so happy you found us (and we know your pet is, too!) and we would truly be honored to be your pet care provider. Give us a call at 843-580-2212 or contact us to get more information about how we can help your pet!

5 Ways To Keep Your Dog Safe In The Car

May 9, 2017 | Charleston, Dog-Friendly Charleston, Helpful Tips, Pet Safety, Pet Travel

5 Ways To Keep Your Dog Safe In The Car

My two dogs are like my kids so they go everywhere with my husband and I. We load them up in the car and off we go! Dog car safety is important so you can ensure your dog will be safe anytime you bring them along with you in the car. Here are our top 5 tips for dog car safety:

Top 5 Dog Car Safety Tips

Tips For Dog Car Safety

  1. Buckle Up! Dogs should wear seatbelts, just like people do. Doggy seatbelts don’t work quite the same way, but they will restrain your dog in case of an accident. You can buy a dog seatbelt, which has a buckle on one end and a leash clasp on the other end. Attach the leash clasp to your dog’s harness, rather than their collar. If you’re in an accident, they are restrained by the harness instead of pulled by their neck.
  2. Use a doggy hammock. A doggy hammock is great for your car because it eliminates the gap between the front seat and back seat. Your dog can stretch out without worrying about falling off the seat when you brake. It also protects your car’s seats from dirt, scratches, and pet hair!
  3. Keep everyone’s head inside the car. I know – it’s SO stinking cute when dogs stick their heads out the window. Have you seen their ears flapping in the breeze?! Adorable. Unfortunately, it’s also super easy for debris to hit your pet. They could have something fly into their eye, or the adventurous dog could take the opportunity to try and jump out. Windows up (or at least mostly up) is always the best policy.
  4. Don’t let your dog ride in the bed of a truck. For people with bigger dogs (or dogs who manage to get wet and dirty having fun adventures), it’s tempting to let them ride in the back of your truck. This can be extremely dangerous, though, since they have no protection if you get in an accident while they are back there. They could also easily try to hop out, even if you have them on a leash. The safest place is always in the vehicle with you.
  5. Bring your dog crate along. If your dog’s crate can fit inside your car, the crate is always the safest place for them to stay. It makes for a comfortable ride for them and protects them in case of an accident.

I always think it’s interesting to remember that a dog’s world is confined to where you take them. Most of their life is just in your house or neighborhood. That’s why most dogs love car rides! They have a sense of adventure and love to get out and explore with you. We’re lucky in Charleston to have so many dog-friendly places to go, so load up your pooch and let them explore the world! Just make sure to keep them safe while you’re doing it!


Charleston Dog Walker provides professional dog walking and pet sitting in your home that is customized to your pet’s needs. We’re so happy you found us (and we know your pet is, too!) and we would truly be honored to be your pet care provider. Give us a call at 843-580-2212 or contact us to get more information about how we can help your pet!

How To Tell If Your Pet Is Overweight

March 29, 2017 | Charleston, Dog Treats, Dog-Friendly Charleston, Helpful Tips, Pet Health

Did you know that more than 50% of U.S. pets are overweight? That’s not a good thing to hear, especially when being overweight can lead to tons of health problems for your beloved pet. It could mean a shorter life span, it can aggregate joint disease, lead to Type 2 Diabetes, worsen heart conditions, and lead to skin diseases. Who would have thought all those extra treats could cause such awful things?

How can you tell if your dog or cat is overweight? Ideally, when you look down your pet should have an hourglass shape. Dogs and cats should both have a definite waist, or an inward taper between their abdomen and hips. You should be able to feel their ribs, but not see them.

If your pet is overweight, focus on these 3 things to help them lose the extra pounds:

  1. Make sure you are feeding them the appropriate amount of food. Check your dog or cat’s food label to find out the recommended amount of food for their weight range. Use a measuring cup when you scoop out their food so you know you are feeding them the right amount.
  2. Switch up their treats to something healthy. Try giving your dog carrots, fresh green beans, broccoli, cauliflower, apple slices (no seeds), banana slices, or watermelon. My dogs are obsessed with carrots!
  3. Don’t forget exercise! Dogs should get at least one 30 minute walk every day. If walks aren’t your thing, schedule a visit with Charleston Dog Walker for some exercise time! Or you can head over to a local dog park and let them run with some doggy friends. Here are our favorite dog parks in Charleston. For your kitty, spend some time playing with toys that get them up and moving, like a laser pointer or any toy they can bat around.

Your pet’s weight is very important, so take the time to make these simple changes to their lifestyle. They can’t make the changes without you!


Charleston Dog Walker provides professional dog walking and pet sitting in your home that is customized to your pet’s needs. We’re so happy you found us (and we know your pet is, too!) and we would truly be honored to be your pet care provider. Give us a call at 843-580-2212 or contact us to get more information about how we can help your pet!

3 Easy Ways To Give A Dog A Pill

March 24, 2017 | Charleston, Dog-Friendly Charleston, Helpful Tips

Most dogs hate taking pills – and who can blame them? I don’t like taking them either! But there are lots of ways to get your pup to easily take a pill without all the struggle, and without spending a fortune on pill pockets. Check out these common household items you can use as cheap, easy ways to give a dog a pill:

  1. Peanut butter – It works like magic! Put a dollop of peanut butter on a spoon and stick the pill in the middle, so it’s covered by the peanut butter. Most dogs LOVE peanut butter, so they just lick it right up – pill and all!
  2. Cheese – If your dog isn’t a fan of peanut butter, try using a tiny piece of American cheese. The “singles” slices work great. Just tear off a square and put the pill in the middle. Squish the cheese around the pill and make it a little cheese ball. Offer this little cheese pill ball up like a treat and your dog will be begging for more.
  3. Deli meat – Try getting a small slice of deli meat and wrapping it around the pill. This isn’t as secure since the pill can just come out, but generally deli meat is delicious enough that a dog will gobble it up before they notice the pill.

Hopefully one of these things does the trick for your pup and you can make giving your dog a pill a lot easier on you and your wallet!


Charleston Dog Walker provides professional dog walking and pet sitting in your home that is customized to your pet’s needs. We’re so happy you found us (and we know your pet is, too!) and we would truly be honored to be your pet care provider. Give us a call at 843-580-2212 or contact us to get more information about how we can help your pet!

Top 4 Charleston Dog Parks

March 1, 2017 | Charleston, Dog-Friendly Charleston, Helpful Tips, SC, Things To Do

Charleston is such a great city for dog lovers to live in because there’s never a shortage of dog-friendly activities and places to go. When my husband and I moved here from DC, we were amazed at the number of dog parks and we couldn’t wait to let our dogs Indy and Anna run wild and make new friends! We’ve tried all of the Charleston dog parks out and love them each for different reasons. Here are our top 4 Charleston dog parks:

Indy and Anna love playing ball at the Hazel Parker Playground!
  1. James Island County Park Dog Park: The JICP dog park is a huge, grassy field that opens onto 3 sandy beaches and water. Dogs can swim and splash all they want and there’s a doggy water fountain and hoses to clean them off at the end. There is also a small-dog fenced area and a few picnic tables around the park. It can get quite hot for the humans in the summer, since there isn’t shade, and bring your bug spray if you’re heading there around dusk. Don’t forget your towel if your dog is a swimmer or else your car might get a bit wet!
  2. Hazel Parker Playground Dog Park: If your dog does better in a smaller area, head to the Hazel Parker Playground dog park downtown by Rainbow Row. The park has a fenced, gravel area that you can go to any time of the day, or wait until 5pm and the fully-fenced grassy field is open for off-leash play. They have a doggy water fountain and trees around the edges of the park. It’s also in the heart of downtown, so there’s typically a great breeze from the water and plenty of gorgeous Charleston sites within walking distance if you want to take a cool-down stroll. Pro Tip: Find street parking on the side of the park instead of parking in the parking lot. You are only allowed to park in the metered spaces – the rest are monitored insanely closely and you’re almost guaranteed to get a ticket.
  3. Hampton Park Dog Run: This dog park is one of the shadiest you’ll find around Charleston, which can be quite important in the summer heat (and the spring, fall and winter heat, too!). It’s smaller than the others, but still fully fenced and with a water fountain. Sadly the grass is a bit lacking at this park, but there’s a huge parking lot and plenty of room for good games of chase and fetch.
  4. Palmetto Islands County Park Dog Park: If you’re in the Mount Pleasant area, check out the PICP dog park. Your dog will love the long fenced in grassy field where they can run like crazy! There’s a small-dog area at this park and a few picnic tables for the people to take a break at, too. This dog park lacks shade, but it’s perfect for your pup to get some energy and socializing and then you can take them for a stroll around the scenic park. Make sure to take a walk over to Nature Island while you’re in the park – you walk over a board walk to a super cool (literally) path through the trees with great marsh views.

We hope you and your dogs enjoy these dog parks as much as our crazy pups do! There are doggy water fountains at all of them, but make sure to bring a portable bowl and an extra water bottle to keep your dog hydrated as they play. And most importantly – watch your dog the whole time to ensure they are playing nicely and having a safe, fun time.


Charleston Dog Walker provides professional dog walking and pet sitting in your home that is customized to your pet’s needs. We’re so happy you found us (and we know your pet is, too!) and we would truly be honored to be your pet care provider. Give us a call at 843-580-2212 or contact us to get more information about how we can help your pet!

Hate picking up poop?

June 9, 2016 | Charleston, Cool Pet Products, Deals and Promotions, Dog-Friendly Charleston, Helpful Tips, SC

Check out our friends at Doody Calls – they’re happy to come de-poop your yard each week! Doody Calls is a great service that has partnered up with Charleston Dog Walker to offer all of our clients a special promotion deal. You will get 2 FREE weeks after your first month of service with them! Doody Calls will help you get a thoroughly clean, safe and pet waste free yard year round without any contracts. Give them a call or visit and you’ll have a spotless yard in no time!

Doody Calls

Join Us For Our Puppy Social!

April 14, 2016 | Charleston, Dog Training, Dog-Friendly Charleston, Events, SC, Things To Do, Training

Puppy Social

Charleston Dog Walker is hosting a free Puppy Social on Saturday, April 30 from 9-10am at the James Island County Park in the small dog area of the dog park. It’s very important for puppies to meet other dogs and learn good social skills while they are still young so they can grow into well-adjusted friendly dogs. This social is for puppies who are 2-12 months old and they must be up to date on their vaccinations. Let us know if you’re interested in coming – we hope to see you there!

Local Spotlight: Dolittle’s

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Charleston is a wonderfully dog-friendly city and we should count ourselves lucky to be living in a place with lots of local businesses focused on improving the lives of our pets. We want to make sure you know about these awesome local companies so we’re starting a new blog feature – Local Spotlight. Our first local business we were so honored to be able to talk with was Dolittle’s!

DolittlesDolittle’s was founded in 1994 by Ric Sommons, starting out in the Charleston City Market and then moving to the Windermere shopping center in 1999. Ric has been expanding ever since – opening a store in Mount Pleasant and now he’s preparing for the opening of their newest store in Kiawah’s Freshfields Village. His vision for Dolittle’s was always to turn the tables on what a pet store was: he wanted to create a fun place to shop for your pets and he wanted to focus on providing pet owners with natural food.

Ric has a passion for encouraging pet owners to make the best choices for their pet, especially when it comes to their diet. He’s an advocate of feeding dogs a diet with as much protein as possible and minimizing the carbohydrates. He recommends choosing brands like Orijen and Acana due to their high protein content. Ric has become an expert on pet food by really immersing himself in the entire food manufacturing process and personally getting to know the people behind the pet food brands. He frequently travels to pet trade shows for merchandise and goes to see the manufacturing plants for the dog food he stocks. He’s been to Nebraska, Columbia, and is planning a trip to Kentucky to see the Acana dog food factory soon. He wants to ensure he’s stocking the best products for Dolittle’s clients and that he’s able to pass along knowledge about the food to his staff so they can educate the pet owners. If you stop in, they can provide you with a “Recommended Daily Feeding Amount” customized for your dog’s age, weight and activity level so you know you’re feeding them the proper amount.

Of course someone as passionate about animals as Ric has a furry crew at home. He has two cats, Hobbs and Domino, and he adopted two mixed breed dogs from the shelter, Peanut and Bobo. His philosophy on picking the perfect pet – “whatever dog pees on you!” and that’s how he formed his own furry family! He likes to have Dolittle’s help the local community – especially the Charleston Animal Society by donating food, gift cards, promo bags and helping with their fundraisers.

So what’s next for Dolittle’s? Ric says “world domination” or more seriously, he hopes to continue to “educate on the idea of natural food”. He says that he “would love to see kids getting behind the idea that protein is the way to feed your dog”. He’s also excited for Dolittle’s to start offering their own version of a localized BarkBox. They plan to create a mystery sample box for pet owners to buy – filled with great goodies from their stores that staff hand selects! Dolittle’s also offers awesome deals with things like their Dough Card, where when you spend $300, you get $25 off. When you combine that with the frequent buyer cards for most of their food bags, you can end up with a huge savings by shopping locally at Dolittle’s for your dog food.

Next time you are near the Windermere shopping center (or in Mount Pleasant by the Patriot’s Plaza shopping center, or at Kiawah’s Freshfields Village), stop in at the Dolittle’s store to pick up some goodies for your pet or bring them along to try the self-service bath! I promise that as soon as you walk in you’ll feel like you are in a heaven made just for pet owners and their pets!

Make Your Pets A Part Of Your Wedding!

February 24, 2016 | Charleston, Cutest Pets, Dog-Friendly Charleston, Events, SC, Things To Do, Wedding

wedding dogYour wedding day is one of the greatest days ever. You want all of the most important people in your life to be there with you. So why shouldn’t your pets be there, too?

Weddings in Charleston can be very pet-friendly, so there are countless ways you can have your pet be part of your special day. Here are a few fun ideas for ways you can incorporate your pet in your wedding:

  • Bring your dog to the cocktail hour for laughs and fun
  • Have your pets pose with you for some formal photos at the wedding or bridal photo shoot
  • Ask a special guest to walk your pet down the aisle
  • Your pet can be the ring bearer – just tie the rings to their collar
  • Let your pet join you at the reception. They may sleep after the big day or join in on the dancing!

Pets can be a wonderful addition to your wedding – after all, they are part of your new family, too! If you need someone to assist you with your pets, give Charleston Dog Walker a call at 843-580-2212. We offer pet concierge services to wedding couples, where we will shuttle pets to and from venues, chaperon them during the events, and assist in any way you need us. Don’t forget the honeymoon, either! We’d be happy to visit your pets when you head out for your honeymoon getaway to give them all the love they deserve until you return home.

Valentines Treats For The Love Of Your Life… Your Dog!

February 12, 2016 | Charleston, Dog Treats, Dog-Friendly Charleston, SC

Every day is a great day to show your dog how much you love him, but of course he deserves some extra special love on Valentine’s Day! Sadly a card or flowers aren’t going to be the best way to communicate how much you care, so what to do? Head over to one of your local Charleston pet supply stores and pick up some delicious treats! We are fans of buying local and there are a few great options for treats made by Charleston companies. Here are our favorites:

Chew Factory

  • Chew Factory chews and crisps
  • Puppy Crack
  • Charleston Chewy Treats

You should check out Charleston’s local pet stores – you can find All Is Well and Dolittle’s on James Island and Woof Gang Bakery, and  Southern Paws in downtown Charleston. Have fun spoiling your furry loves this Valentine’s Day and all year long!

Happy Valentine’s Day from Charleston Dog Walker!

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