Curious Pet of the Month: Chloe

November 12, 2014 | Curious Pet of the Month, Cutest Pets

Chloe 2Meet Chloe – a tiny bundle of energy and happiness!  Chloe is always as happy as can be when it’s time for her walk.  She bounces all around and can hardly wait to run around outside.  It seems she believes that she is a race horse, because she takes off as soon as that door opens and hardly slows down at all until you make it back inside!  Chloe is excellent at sniffing and thinks squirrels are quite funny.  She also has a hilarious ritual of coming back inside and running to the living room to roll on her back for a few minutes.  Chloe is a big goof ball and absolutely adorable!

October Curious Pets of the Month: Maggie, Daisy, Butter and Jojo

October 12, 2014 | Curious Pet of the Month

Oct 2014 Pets of the Month Meet Maggie (right), Daisy (top left), Butter (middle left) and Jojo (bottom left)!  These ladies and gents are sweet as pie and are always a joy to visit.  Maggie may be one of Curious Paws’ biggest clients, but she’s as mellow and loving as can be.  this smart girl will do about anything for a treat and will love you forever if you spend time giving her some quality petting.  Daisy always makes sure you spend time with her, too – otherwise be prepared for a head butt! She is a kitty who needs her lovin!  Butter is a fan of warm, sunny afternoons and long naps.  He’s always ready for some head scratches, too.  Jojo is the most elusive of the bunch.  She’s quite shy, but keeps Daisy good company.  This bunch loves to take it easy and will never protest against a day full of relaxation and love!

September Curious Pet of the Month: Zoe

September 5, 2014 | Curious Pet of the Month

ZoeMeet Zoe! She’s a fiery little girl with lots of energy and even more love! As soon as she sees you, be prepared for lots of kisses and so much excitement. She is an accomplished trick-master and will go through her whole repertoire within seconds if you happen to be offering a treat. Zoe is a bit timid outside because the world is just so big, but as long as you’re by her side, she’s up for exploring and watching the neighborhood ducks. She loves to cuddle and have her belly rubbed, and she’s one of the fastest tail-chasers around! Zoe may be teeny tiny, but she’s got a huge personality and tons of doggy loving to give!

August Curious Pets of the Month: Bela and Thursday

August 12, 2014 | Curious Pet of the Month

Bela and ThursdayMeet Bela (left) and Thursday (right), who are the loveliest ladies around town! These girls are such a delight and always love to be visited. After a quick hello, they are ready to play outside and enjoy the sunshine. They both love to chase tennis balls and Thursday is very talented at bringing the ball right back to your hand. Bela is quite quick and she’s always so excited to get to a toy first. The girls get along great and both love head scratches and as many pets as they can get.  Bela and Thursday always have big smiles on their faces and they’ll definitely brighten your day!

Curious Pets of the Month: Sarah & Cookie

July 2, 2014 | Curious Pet of the Month, Uncategorized

Cookie and SarahMeet Sarah (left) and Cookie (right) – these cuties are always a joy to visit and definitely show their appreciation!  Cookie is one of the happiest dogs I know and she always has a big doggy smile on her face.  When she hears the word “walk” she can hardly control her wiggly butt from all of the excitement!  Sarah is a pretty kitty with a big personality – at least when it comes to meal times!  She is very friendly and enjoys the occasional petting session once her belly is full.  These girls are also aspiring pet models – they love to bask in the sun for pretty photos.  Cookie and Sarah are such fun ladies to hang out with and definitely have sunny outlooks on life!

Curious Pet of the Month: Reese

June 9, 2014 | Curious Pet of the Month

ReeseMeet Reese – a happy and lovable Chesapeake Retriever!  Reese is a bit shy at first, but once she is comfortable with you, she’s so sweet and goofy.  She is a big fan of walks, particularly because it allows her to stop and roll all around in the grass.  Reese is happy to have company on her walks and always stops to check that you’re still tagging along on the other end of the leash!  When she’s all tired out from walking, she loves to unwind with some good petting and then curl up on a cozy couch.  She’s a big smiler and definitely a sweetie!

Curious Pet of the Month: Jackson

May 6, 2014 | Curious Pet of the Month

JacksonMeet Jackson – an incredibly lovable yellow lab who will make you smile every time you see him!  He is always so excited when he gets visitors, especially if they are there to play.  He will happily show you his bone and his ball… and then will hop all around until you choose which one to play with!  He is excellent at fetch and doesn’t even mind when you ask him to sit before he goes to get the ball.  Jackson is also a very curious guy who likes to take slow walks so he can smell everything he sees.  Our favorite thing about Jackson is his sweet disposition – he always has a smile for you and is thrilled to be your buddy!

Curious Pet of the Month: Buster

April 10, 2014 | Curious Pet of the Month

SAMSUNGMeet Buster – this cute and lovable guy gets me every time with his sweet face!  Buster is a master at giving awesome greetings – he’s always so happy that you’re there and very excited to play!  He’s a powerhouse of a walker and can’t wait to get outside and see the world every day.  As soon as you get back home, he’s all cuddles, kisses and tail wags!  Buster really enjoys showing off his toys and he’s happy when you appreciate them as much as he does.  It’s basically impossible to ever leave a visit with Buster without a smile on your face – he’s the best at making people happy!

Curious Pets of the Month: Dart and Willy

March 10, 2014 | Curious Pet of the Month

Dart and WillyMeet Dart (left) and Willy (right)!  These sweet kitties are always a joy to spend time with!  As soon as you walk in the door, Dart is right at your feet ready to say hello.  He’s incredibly affectionate and likes to make sure he gets some petting before you do anything else.  Dart was aptly named – he is super fast when he’s on a mission and he sprints around the house like a crazy man.  Willy is a bit more reserved – he likes to check out who is around and once he feels comfortable, he’ll poke his head in to say hi.  The boys like to tumble around with each other, and Dart is a big fan of pouncing on Willy – though I don’t think Willy is a big fan of it!  These kitties are always entertaining and will definitely bring a smile to your face!

Curious Pets of the Month

February 12, 2014 | Curious Pet of the Month

Huck and BoMeet Huck and Bo

These two boys are overflowing with energy and personality – and they have huge hearts to match!  Huck (left) is lovey-dovey and will stick by your side to give you sneaky kisses, and Bo (right) loves any attention he can get!  They are both always ecstatic to meet new people and they’re big fans of back rubs.  As much as they enjoy people, they love each other even more.  They love to chase each other around their yard, wrestle, play tug-of-war, compete for tennis balls, and just wear one another out.  These pups really take care of each another – Bo even makes sure Huck’s ears are clean!  They may have lots of energy when you first meet them, but when they calm down, all they want is to give out kisses and get some pets!

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