3 Homemade Cat Toys You Can Make In Minutes

July 21, 2017 | Cool Cat Toys, DIY Toys, Homemade pet toys

3 Homemade Cat Toys You Can Make In Minutes

3 Homemade Cat Toys You Can Make In Minutes

It’s time to bust out your (slightly) creative side, because we’ve got some great homemade cat toys that you can make in just a few minutes! Cats are fickle little creatures, but we love how they prefer the simple things in life. Check out these easy homemade cat toys that your kitty will think are the greatest thing ever!

Toilet Paper Roll Treat PuzzleToilet Paper Roll Treat Puzzle

To create your kitty’s cardboard treat puzzle, you’ll need a toilet paper roll or paper towel roll, treats, and anything you’d like to make it fancy! Fold one end of your cardboard roll into a closed, triangle end. You can staple the end closed, or just fold it again to make it semi-closed. Put several of your cat’s favorite treats inside of the roll. Then you can fold over the other side to create just a semi-closed end. A curious cat will have a blast batting it around and trying to get the treats to come out! If you’re feeling inspired, you can decorate your cardboard with a marker design or even glue some pom-pom balls on to it!

Catnip Sock Toy

Catnip Sock Toy

If your cat loves catnip, this is a super easy toy that will bring lots of joy to your kitty! Find an old sock that doesn’t have any holes, and a toilet paper roll. Push down your toilet paper roll into the sock, to the bottom of the sock. Then stuff some dried catnip into the toilet paper roll. Tie of the end of the sock to create a knot so that the catnip doesn’t come out. You can draw a cute face on the sock, or even add googley eyes and a mouth to the end of the sock. Your cat will love her new sock buddy!

Cardboard Mouse or BallCardboard Mouse or Ball

Cats don’t usually discriminate if things look homemade. Most kitties tend to prefer simple, crafty toys, so this is the perfect free toy to make! Find a piece of corrugated cardboard and trace a circle. Then use an X-acto knife, or sharp scissors, cut out your circle. Trace your circle cut out and then cut out your second circle. Cut a small slit from the outside to the center of each circle so that you have a small opening. Place a dot of non-toxic glue in the center of your circle inside the slit and then fit the two circles together with the slits. Once your glue has dried, your kitty has a brand new cardboard ball to bat all over the house!

Simple Cat Toys You Don’t Even Need To Make

Some cats are even more simple to please and you don’t even need to make anything. Try putting out a cardboard box for them to sit in, or grab some pipe cleaners and scrunch them up to make a more 3D shape! Even a piece of ribbon or bread ties have been known to be fun kitty toys! You don’t need to spend the big bucks, or even any bucks, to make your cat smile!


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Local Spotlight: Dolittle’s

April 5, 2016 | Awesome Dog Toys, Charleston, Cool Cat Toys, Dog Treats, Dog-Friendly Charleston, SC, Uncategorized

Charleston is a wonderfully dog-friendly city and we should count ourselves lucky to be living in a place with lots of local businesses focused on improving the lives of our pets. We want to make sure you know about these awesome local companies so we’re starting a new blog feature – Local Spotlight. Our first local business we were so honored to be able to talk with was Dolittle’s!

DolittlesDolittle’s was founded in 1994 by Ric Sommons, starting out in the Charleston City Market and then moving to the Windermere shopping center in 1999. Ric has been expanding ever since – opening a store in Mount Pleasant and now he’s preparing for the opening of their newest store in Kiawah’s Freshfields Village. His vision for Dolittle’s was always to turn the tables on what a pet store was: he wanted to create a fun place to shop for your pets and he wanted to focus on providing pet owners with natural food.

Ric has a passion for encouraging pet owners to make the best choices for their pet, especially when it comes to their diet. He’s an advocate of feeding dogs a diet with as much protein as possible and minimizing the carbohydrates. He recommends choosing brands like Orijen and Acana due to their high protein content. Ric has become an expert on pet food by really immersing himself in the entire food manufacturing process and personally getting to know the people behind the pet food brands. He frequently travels to pet trade shows for merchandise and goes to see the manufacturing plants for the dog food he stocks. He’s been to Nebraska, Columbia, and is planning a trip to Kentucky to see the Acana dog food factory soon. He wants to ensure he’s stocking the best products for Dolittle’s clients and that he’s able to pass along knowledge about the food to his staff so they can educate the pet owners. If you stop in, they can provide you with a “Recommended Daily Feeding Amount” customized for your dog’s age, weight and activity level so you know you’re feeding them the proper amount.

Of course someone as passionate about animals as Ric has a furry crew at home. He has two cats, Hobbs and Domino, and he adopted two mixed breed dogs from the shelter, Peanut and Bobo. His philosophy on picking the perfect pet – “whatever dog pees on you!” and that’s how he formed his own furry family! He likes to have Dolittle’s help the local community – especially the Charleston Animal Society by donating food, gift cards, promo bags and helping with their fundraisers.

So what’s next for Dolittle’s? Ric says “world domination” or more seriously, he hopes to continue to “educate on the idea of natural food”. He says that he “would love to see kids getting behind the idea that protein is the way to feed your dog”. He’s also excited for Dolittle’s to start offering their own version of a localized BarkBox. They plan to create a mystery sample box for pet owners to buy – filled with great goodies from their stores that staff hand selects! Dolittle’s also offers awesome deals with things like their Dough Card, where when you spend $300, you get $25 off. When you combine that with the frequent buyer cards for most of their food bags, you can end up with a huge savings by shopping locally at Dolittle’s for your dog food.

Next time you are near the Windermere shopping center (or in Mount Pleasant by the Patriot’s Plaza shopping center, or at Kiawah’s Freshfields Village), stop in at the Dolittle’s store to pick up some goodies for your pet or bring them along to try the self-service bath! I promise that as soon as you walk in you’ll feel like you are in a heaven made just for pet owners and their pets!

2014’s Coolest Pet Products

April 3, 2014 | Awesome Dog Toys, Cool Cat Toys, Dog Training, Training

Lots of cool new pet products were introduced at the 2014 Global Pet Expo in Orlando.  Check out VetStreet’s Dr. Marty Becker’s favorite finds in his article here.  He showcases his top ten, and from those, we’ve picked our favorite three to share with our Curious friends!

[slideshow gallery_id=”3″]
  1. The PetSafe AutoTrainer: Does your pup bark like a crazy man while you’re away?  Then this may be the answer to your problem.  The AutoTrainer uses a collar-based reward system which gives your dog a treat when he doesn’t bark.
  2. Kong Glide ‘n Seek Cat Toy: Looking for a new way to keep your kitty entertained?  Using magnetic levitation technology, the Kong Glide ‘n Seek uses feathers that quickly bounce around and will keep your cat batting and grabbing to her heart’s content!
  3. Links-It Pet ID Tag Connector: Do you hate that jingly noise every time your pet moves?  Isn’t it a pain (literally) to pull apart key rings to attach an ID tag?  The Links-It Pet ID Tag Connector is a super easy gizmo that allows you to easily and quickly attach tags to a collar AND eliminate the jingles. Brilliant.


Will Santa Visit Your Furry Critters?

December 8, 2013 | Awesome Dog Toys, Cool Cat Toys

Santa and pupHave your pets been naughty or nice this year?  Hopefully they are as sweet with you as they are around us!  If you’re looking for some fun gift ideas to bring them some holiday cheer, look no further.  Here are 5 great toys that they should love!

  1. Jolly Pets makes really neat Puncture Resistant Toys for your tough player. Check out their website and then scoop them up on Amazon for a good deal!
  2. Pet Puzzle Toys are awesome ways to keep your pup and kitty entertained!
  3. The Bubbletastic Dog Bubble Machine will keep your dog busy popping, chasing and pouncing around the yard. Why? The bubbles are BACON scented!!
  4. The classic bone is always a favorite.  Swing by Harris Teeter and you can grab an individually wrapped dog bone with a bit of meat still on it – quite a delicious treat!
  5. Panic Mouse 360 is an interactive toy that will keep your kitty hopping!  The toy flips a mouse around electronically, creating lots of movement that your cat won’t be able to resist!

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